2 Office & School Stationery | Stationery / Books


  • Parking | Espace Building
  • Espace Building - Ile du Port / Mahe | Mahe
  • 1.0 km from Victoria / 9.8 km from Airport
  • Wholesaler and retailer of Bic products
    Double A Paper / Colour / Erasable pens (permanent and erasable marker)
    Coloring books and educational books for kids / Backpacks
    Helium balloons and other accessories for birthday celebration
    Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm / Saturday: 8am - 12am

2 Office & School Stationery

Our offer

As wholesaler and retailer of Bic products, we sell mechanical pencils and printed paper products.

About us

We aim at keeping yourself armed with the right tools for the job.