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    RoofGuard for all kinds of roof tops in common colours
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Woodworks Unlimited (Pty) Ltd

Our offer

Dulux Standard Interior: Our Interior Dulux paint collection has been designed to help you express your personality throughout your home. There’s a huge range of colours and finishes available for painting walls and ceilings, so it’s easy to make each room individual. Dulux Interior Woodwork & Metal: Get creative and make sure your interior woodwork and metalwork are finished in style. Dulux Exterior Masonry: Dulux has a wide range of masonry paints that will help you make the outside of your house as stylish as the inside, keeping it looking fresh and bright while protecting it too. Dulux Exterior Woodworks: From the first coat of primer to the last coat of gloss, we’ve got everything you need to keep your exterior doors and windows looking their best. Dulux Exterior Metal Works: Dulux Metalshield is available in a range of primers; easy to apply spraypaks; and topcoats for protecting a wide range of metal surfaces from your iron fence, letter box or detailed metal trim.

About us

Here at Woodworks Unlimited, we are the sole distributor of Dulux paints offering decorative inspiration with a guarentee. Modern decoration has developed from dull colour schemes and floral wallpapers, with today’s decorator demanding vibrant colours and specialist finishes. We can offer thousands of different paint colours. Further more, we offer a colour matching service enabling you to match paint colours to fabrics, carpets, tiles etc. We serve both the professional and the general public. We are Seychelles leading home enhancement retailer selling thousands of products for the home and garden.