guylianne-pty-ltd, Food / Beverage in Seychelles Islands

Guylianne Pty Ltd. | Food / Beverage


  • Importer | Italian product
  • Docklands - Victoria / Mahe | Mahe
  • 1.3 km from Victoria / 9.2 km from Airport
  • Importer, Wholesaler and Retailer of Italian products at affordable price
    Offering high end, healthy italian products for less
    Sanitary and hygiene products

Guylianne Pty Ltd.

Our offer

We bring in italian products like pasta, olive oil, cheese and cream. We also cater for anything from sanitary and hygiene products to various dairy products, meats and cold cuts, and a range of wines and sparkling wine. We are not only affordable but also health conscious, limiting products with preservatives and additives, detergents affecting the skin, introducing organic food, gluten free products, wines without sulphates, using biodegradable recycles plastics to store goods for shoppers.

About us

With over 22 years experience of working with italian products in Seychelles, we are offering high end, healthy italian products for less.