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Dira's Cosmetics | Beauty


  • Skincare | Haircare
  • Docklands - Victoria / Mahe | Mahe
  • 1.4 km from Victoria / 8.7 km from Airport
  • Professional cosmetic products
    Haircare, hair color, hair styling, make-up
    Men’s line
    Mon- Fri: 11am- 5pm / Sat: 9am- 1pm

Dira's Cosmetics

About us

Opened 10 years ago. Our Aim is to provide the highest quality cosmetics in Seychelles. We specialize in Branded Perfumes, Sleek Make-Up, Skincare, Hair Products. Our Shop is located on the outskirt of Victoria, in the vicinity of the New Port Area for easy parking access. It is centered among other popular businesses such as the Bois de Rose shopping Complex, Bodco, and the busy harbor well frequented with Cruise Ships. We provide all Sleek Makeup and Testers are freely available for try-outs. We have a wide range of well-known branded Perfumes. For your everyday Body and Skin Care we have a selected range of deodorants, body lotions, Body Wash, Men's Facial Care and grooming kits. For Hair Care, we specialize in branded products for Men's, ladies and kids. We also provide Salon size Hair Products. The shop provides additional items such as accessories for Hair and Makeup.