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  • Body responsible for the administration of Revenue Laws
    Three main divisions namely Domestic Tax, Customs and Support Services
    All domestic taxes/ SLA/ BLS payment
    8.30a.m to 3.00pm for payment closed at 3pm for banking

Seychelles Revenue Commission Digue

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Our mission: “Optimize revenue collection and facilitate trade to improve the socio-economic well-being of Seychelles”. Our vision: “To be a modern, fair and effective customer-oriented revenue administration”. Our core values: Integrity – demonstrate continually high moral and ethical behaviour while upholding the rule of law. Impartiality – without favour, apply the law equally and fairly to all. Professionalism – be courteous, conscientious, business-like and knowledgeable. Transparency - share all relevant information to external and internal stakeholders. Accountability – each officer is responsible for his/her actions. Our Motto: "Contributing towards a stronger Seychelles".

About us

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) is an authority that was established through the enactment of the Seychelles Revenue Commission Act 2009 as the body responsible for the administration of Revenue laws. The SRC Act also mandates SRC to operate as an independent Authority with responsibility to conduct its affairs in a transparent and efficient manner. However, the Ministry of Finance remains the parent Ministry with the responsibility to oversee major policy issues affecting revenue. SRC is headed by a Revenue Commissioner (CEO) who is responsible to the Minister of Finance for the management of SRC and the administration of all revenue laws.

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