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  • Unity House - Victoria / Mahe | Mahe
  • 0.8 km from Victoria / 9.6 km from Airport
  • Independent Government Body
    Safeguarding the interests of consumers
    Insuring that the process of competition is maintained
    Investigating and evaluating complaints
    Monitoring business practices

Fair Trading Commission

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The Commission’s main functions are to: • promote and maintain fair competition; • carry out investigation in relation to conduct of trade; • monitor commercial activities to ensure that practices that may adversely or unfairly affect the interest of consumers and businesses are prevented or terminated; • prevent the abuse of a dominant position by an enterprise; • eliminate anti-competitive practices; • prevent or control anti-competitive mergers; • provide general information to consumers with respect to their rights and responsibilities; • initiate or receive complaints concerning alleged prohibited conduct, and deal with those complaints in accordance with CPA; • investigate and evaluate complaints or alleged contraventions of the CPA; • implement any policies on competition and consumer protection on behalf of the government.

About us

The Fair Trading Commission is a statutory body established under the terms of the Fair Trading Commission Act 2009 along with the Board of Commissioners and the Appeal Tribunal. The Commission is the investigative and enforcement body, whereas the Board of Commissioners is the adjudicative body and the Appeal Tribunal considers appeals made against the decision of the Board. Responsibilities The Commission’s overall responsibilities are to: • promote and advance the welfare of consumers; • promote, maintain and encourage fair competition among business enterprises and Service providers; and • ensure that goods and services meet quality standards.

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