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  • Mediterranean | Pizzas
  • Amitie / Praslin | Praslin
  • 11.2 km from Jetty / 1.6 km from Airport
  • Mediterranean cuisine, wooden fired pizza, seafood, Charolais beef tenderloin, parrot fish
    Wooden fired pizzas
    French Chef, French/Seychellois management
    Chef Francais, Franco/Seychellois proprietaires
    Open Saturday to Thursday from noon to 9pm (last order)

Restaurant Paradisier

Our offer

This pleasant terrace is a great place to have a drink, but also for lunch or dinner. There are pizzas that come out of the wood-fired oven (which can be taken away), and Mediterranean specialties à la carte. Fish and seafood are well-prepared and some fine meat dishes such as poultry supreme and Sicilian caponata are to be tested. The Italian and French wines enhanced this charming and exotic table.

About us

The chef, the owner, the soul of this place, Joel together with his amazing wife Marie-Jo, will make your experience unique. Joel's food is magic. He's not only having tens of years of experience to cook in top notch restaurants from over 15 countries, but you can tell he LOVES cooking! and you will love him cooking for you!