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Fish Trap Restaurant & Bar | Bars / Restaurants


  • Feet inthe sand | Seafood
  • La Passe / La Digue | La Digue
  • 0.1 km from Jetty
  • The new trendy restaurant & bar on La Digue, feet in the sand
    Beautifully built&perfectly decorated with marine blue and green colours to stimulate the sea effect
    Signature menu of 90% fresh seafood
    Many signature cocktails at the Fisherman's Bar
    Mo-Sun: 7am to 11pm with live music in the evenings

Our promotions

  • Wonderful Breakfast for only Scr 200

    Wonderful Breakfast for only Scr 200
    Mon 1st Jan 2018 to Mon 31st Dec 2018

    Enjoy a delicious full breakfast during your stay on La DIgue. From the moment you sit down at your table in our pleasant breakfast room, our full breakfast range is there for you to enjoy!

  • Enjoy your drink with live music

    Enjoy your drink with live music
    Mon 1st Jan 2018 to Mon 31st Dec 2018

    Fish Trap is more than just a place for drinks, cocktails and delicious snacks. Live music will entertain you every night...

  • Don't miss our fish and prawns kebab!

    Don't miss our fish and prawns kebab!
    Sun 16th Jul 2017 to Mon 31st Dec 2018

    Enjoy also any one of our menu specialties Under the sea. Seafood platter, Creole fish curry, mini grilled fish, octopus curry...

Fish Trap Restaurant & Bar

Our offer

We offer seafood specialties amongst other delights on our exciting menu. The Fisherman's Bar, an absolute work of art, awaits you to sip on one of our many signature cocktails amongst other popular drinks. Enjoy the panoramic sea view from our outdoor decking and watch the sunsets over Praslin, while you laze on our comfy outdoor furniture. Fish Trap is indeed the newest place to be on majestic La Digue and our devoted staff await you.

About us

The two brothers Mills resurrected their oncle's Fish Trap restaurant & bar of the 1980's at Baie St Anne on Praslin. The new trendiest Restaurant & Bar with an exceptional decor is situated right in the eye of La Digue's busiest intersection, La Passe. The fresh and bright stream of colours such as marine blue and green stimulates the sea effects. The former Fish Trap made in its time positioned the local fish trap bamboo weaving as central to its decoration, creating an authentic creole atmosphere.