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  • Restaurant | Gelateria
  • Anse Volbert / Praslin | Praslin
  • 5.6 km from Jetty / 12.9 km from Airport
  • Across the road from the beach
    Pasta, pizza, salads and various snacks at lunchtime
    More formal dishes such as grilled lamb chops, pork spare ribs and fish fillet for dinner
    Amazing ice cream flavors

Da Luca

Our offer

Here, in addition to the ice-cream, can be enjoyed delicious cocktails during the sunset with a nice sea view or eat tropical Creole and Italian food in a very particular style.

About us

In 1994, in the great location of Anse Volbert on Praslin, Luca, a young italian guy from the city of Romeo and Juliet, opened the first ice-cream shop in the Seychelles. At the beginning, the shop was in a hut style but now, after many years, Luca transformed his ice-cream shop in a beautiful bar restaurant.