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  • Beachfront | Heaven on earth
  • Anse Banane / La Digue | La Digue
  • 3.8 km from Jetty
  • The number one restaurant on La Digue on Trip advisor and the review says it all
    The place to enjoy a taste of Seychelles in every bite with breathtaking view of Anse Banane beach
    Family warmth with the owner as the chef, the daughter as the manager & the family as the staff
    The restaurant also caters for events, private functions and parties
    Opens everyday 7/7 from 9am till 6.30 pm and also at night upon reservation...

Chez Jules

Our offer

Chez Jules restaurant is best known for its fresh fruit juices such as mango, papaya, lime, pineapple, passionfruit, starfruit, soursop juices or our famous banana smoothies. The restaurant also offers a great selection of mostly creole dishes including starters, main courses and desserts. Our top dishes are octopus salad, octopus curry in coconut milk, roast octopus, seafood cocktail or curry, chicken curry in coconut milk and the most common the special dish known as 'chez Jules'. This one is definitely a must try as it is our signature dish. The restaurant is open everyday 7/7 from 9am till 6.30pm and at night upon reservations only .reservations can be made at guests hotels, by call or directly at the restaurant itself. The restaurant also caters for events, private functions and parties. Moreover we also offer special discounts to large groups. Do not miss out on this experience of a lifetime only at CHEZ JULES restaurant.

About us

Everyone has a favorite restaurant that he or she loves to eat at however once you step in chez Jules restaurant we guarantee you that it will be on your top list.. well it will be your favourite restaurant. CHEZ JULES restaurant is known as the number one restaurant on La Digue on trip advisor and the review says it all "A welcoming Oasis". Our location is just the perfect place to be. It's situated opposite Anse Banane beach and you will not only enjoy the best creole food such as octopus curry, octopus salad or our special chez Jules dish but all of these will be enjoyed with a breathtaking view of the beach itself and some islands such as the Felicite (Six senses), little sister, big sister and Marianne. Yes all those islands are sighted from chez Jules restaurant . The owner is also the chef with his daughter as the manager and other family members as employees which gives the place a family warmth. With each and every comforting smile the employees have on their faces, a selection of fresh fruit juices, creole dishes and the view, this place is simply 'heaven on earth'.