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  • Guide Praslin | French, English
  • Marie Jeanne Estate | Praslin
  • 3.9 km from Jetty / 11.2 km from Airport
  • Group or private tours of Praslin and Vallee de mai with qualified guide Josepha
    Best tours and experience (Flora and Fauna, History of the beautiful islands)
    Contact her for bookings. Appelez Josepha pour réserver un tour
    Visites en groupe ou privées de Praslin et la Vallée de mai avec Josepha
    Superbes tours et expérience (Flore et Faune, histoire de ces magnifiques Iles)

La Source des Seychelles

Our offer

La Source Des Seychelles provide guided Private and shared tours of Praslin Island including the Vallee de Mai, Fond Ferdinand and other high profile places worth visiting. La Source Des Seychelles is a newly formed eco tour company. It is an eco tour company that will provide the best experience to our visitors coming to Praslin by providing the most and best things to do including educational tour with vast knowledge of our unique and endemic forest, the Vallee De Mai and also Fond Ferdinand. La Source Des Seychelles Company aims to make a positive impact on each and every visitor who enters this amazing forest in a way that you will want to visit again on your next visit to Seychelles.

About us

Hi, my name is Josepha, and I am a very experienced guide with 16 years in the tourism Industry. Seychelles is an archipelago that makes up a group of 115 islands. I had the opportunities to visit several times some of them, and they contain a very interesting and exiting flora and Fauna. I am also very proud to add that I was once part of a dynamic team working on Cousin Island Special Nature Reserve, which is one of the most successful stories in conservation and the Seychelles. In other words I have a very rich knowledge about our species of Giant Tortoise, Birds of the Seychelles and our very rich flora as well. So, I am inviting you to benefit from my Knowledge, Join me on a very nice Guided tour in the Vallee De Mai. Home of the biggest seed and nut in the world, and by the way if you did not know, its home also for the smallest frog in the world. I believe this will make you feel excited to know, and if you are a nature lover you will not hesitate to come with me. It’s good to add that you can enjoy the tranquility of this amazing forest on your own. But it will not be sufficient for you just to walk alone, the information that I will provide you, will help you see the different aspect of this majestic park, and together we will look out for different rare species of reptiles, amphibians and birds of this park.