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North East Point Beach | Beaches


  • Surfing | Walking
  • North East Point / North Mahe | Mahe
  • 7.4 km from Victoria / 16.2 km from Airport
  • 1.5 km white sandy beach along the North eastern coast of Mahe
    Amazing azure colors most all day long by sunny time
    Popular spot for local surfers enjoying big waves
    Very relaxing walk along the coastal beach
    Presence of beach rocks during erosion

North East Point Beach

About us

Surfs up at the North East Point beach during the windy season. The 1.5 kilometers of white sand leads down to either bright blue waters on a sunny day, or choppy waves on a gloomy one. This beach can become a beautiful place to find little ocean treasures and keepsakes such as shells and sea glass amongst the sand and rocks that are visible during coastal erosion. This spot is always popular with the locals when it comes to catching some waves, especially at around 4 o’clock. Surfing here is always a fun activity and the adrenalin of it all will keep you warmer in the cold ocean. But if you’d rather keep your feet on the ground and toes in the sand, then enjoy a relaxing walk while staring out at the color changing horizon. Accessible by both car and bus, you can plant yourself down on a towel and relish in the hot sun. It’s also not that far from town; only about 15 minutes away and right next to a bus stop. And if you happen to be feeling hungry as well, you can also find hotels along the way if you are coming from the Beau Vallon area.