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Anse Takamaka | Beaches


  • Swimming | Snorkelling
  • Anse Takamaka / South West Mahe | Mahe
  • 27.4 km from Victoria / 18.8 km from Airport
  • 1,5 km of white soft sand and very clear water
    Takamaka trees, palm forest, giant granit rocks
    Swimming, snorkelling, diving, sunbathing, picnicking
    Fantastic azur colours in the morning for photos
    Restaurant on the left side

Anse Takamaka

About us

If you wish to take a moment for yourself, then you should do so while walking along the 1.5 kilometers of white sand of Takamaka beach. Enjoy the shade of the large trees of which this beach was named after. Explore the gentle granite rocks that protrude from the ground for shells and critters or just choose to swim in the azure colored waters, sparkling in the sun. Snorkel your way around in the shallows and see what curious fish you can find or head out further on a boat and dive down deeper. The beach itself is mostly protected from both wind and wave changes during the year so the water is mainly clear and calm and safe enough for children to swim in as well. Have a tasty Creole meal at the beachside restaurant tucked in on the left or bring along a picnic for a family fun day in the sun. Other close by restaurants such as the Lazare Picault restaurant, named after the French explorer, also have a good promise of delicious Creole cooking as well as international. This is truly a gem of a beach and sometimes said to be even more picturesque than Anse Intendance.