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  • Swimming | Restaurant
  • Anse Royale / South East Mahe | Mahe
  • 20.0 km from Victoria / 10.7 km from Airport
  • 1,5 km of white sand beach, very clear and azure waters
    Very good for swimming at high tide, snorkeling on left side at Ile Souris
    Windy season from May to October, possibility of currents
    Very lively on WE with many locals on the beach
    Restaurants directly on the beach (lunch/dinner)

Anse Royale

About us

Known as a lively panoramic beach area on the weekends for the locals, Anse Royale is great for picnics, swimming and tanning. Highly accessible by car and bus due to it being close to the road, means that it is within reach of local shops, restaurants and souvenirs. During high tide, the ocean turns into a large clear swimming pool that’s at the perfect temperature to cool off with only the slight possibility of currents during the windy season. Make friends with the small fish that swim around your legs, eager for some bread. Or grab your own bite to eat at Les Dauphins Heureux; a small café restaurant situated on the right hand side of the beachfront with a cozy view of the ocean. Eat and drink to your heart’s content while watching the moored fishing boats bob in the water or simply lay out your towel and tan it up under the Seychelles sun. Make sure you bring along sunscreen and a hat! This 1.5 kilometer stretch of sand will make you feel like you are a part of Seychelles culture itself by being surrounded by such a hubbub of local interaction, especially from the nearby fish market.