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  • Swimming | Picnic
  • Anse Major / North Mahe | Mahe
  • 7.5 km from Victoria / 16.6 km from Airport
  • Secluded large sandy beach with a small lagoon
    Easy trail of 1 hour from Danzil (terminus for bus at Bel Ombre)
    Accessible also by boat trip from Bel Ombre or Beau Vallon Bay
    Safe for swimming, good spot for snorkelling, great picnic location

Anse Major

About us

Exploring the true beauty of Anse Major is a must do for every tourist who visits the Seychelles Islands. Armed with a bottle of cold water, sunscreen and sensible shoes; the one and a half hour hike to the hidden beach and its personal lagoon is filled with spectacular views and bright green foliage just waiting to be discovered. Along the way be sure to check out the river that cuts through the path and under a bridge for a quick cool down, or snap a couple of pictures of the ocean from the remarkable View Point. Hiking in the early morning makes you feel like you are the only person left in the world; looking out to where the sky meets the sea. Treasure the bright and exotic colors around you, all the while scaling the rocks down to the beach. Treat yourself to a nice picnic with the family by the sandy shore. And If you aren’t up for the hike, the beach is also accessible by a Taxi Boat that leaves Beau Vallon to pick up and drop off tourists and locals alike. If anything, Anse Major will leave you breathless in every meaning of the word.