Learning the Lingo

One of the most important things to do before going to a new country is trying to understand some basic phrases in the native language.

In Seychelles, that happens to be Creole. The following is a list of words that may be useful to the adventurous traveler.

Good morning



Do you speak English?
Ou kapab koz angle?

My name is
Mon apel

How are you?
Komman sava?

Fine, thank you. You?
Byen mersi, oumenm?

What is your name?
Ki mannyer ou apele?

Can you speak more slowly?
Koz pli dousman silvouple

Where can I find a bus/taxi?
Kote mon kapab pran en bis/taxi?

Can you take me to the airport please?
Amenn mwan kot airport silvouple

Excuse me.
Eskiz mwan

Where can I get something to eat?
Kote mon kapab rod en manze?




I’m sorry.

How much does this cost?
Konbyen I koute?

Do you take credit cards?
Mon kapab servi kart Kredi pou peye?

Where is the nearest bathroom?
Kote toilet pli pre I ete?


Safe Swimming

The most common leisure activity to do in Seychelles is definitely swimming and although it is thoroughly relaxing and fun it can also be a bit dangerous.

A huge thing to be aware of is currents and the wind patterns during the year; either side of the island can be calm while the other is rough depending on the months.

It is extremely important that tourists and locals alike are aware of the dangers that might befall them and how to avoid them. Be sure to check out a list of various beaches here.

  • Always check in with your hotel or travel agent representative about any sea conditions before heading to said beach
  • Be on the look out for warning signs and lifeguards
  • Pay close attention to children and the elderly in the water if you are with your family
  • Avoid swimming alone
  • If caught in breaking waves, duck under themĀ and allow them to pass over you while you maneuver yourself into calmer waters
  • Never go swimming under the influence of alcohol or any mind altering substance.

Emergency Numbers

Police: 999

Hospital: 151

Life Guard: 252 99 76

List of embassies here.