Stay The Night

Praslin is the island of plenty. Plenty accommodations that is. The island may be smaller than Mahé but it packs a punch when it comes to lodgings.

The self-catering places are ideal for those who wish to be alone and go by their own schedule. In these establishments you can find a personal kitchen that can give you the liberty of eating whenever you want. What might be seen as a downside is that you may have to clean up after yourself, depending on the business.

Tourists looking for a homier vibe can stay at guest houses. Depending on the place, you may enjoy breakfast and dinner or just one of each. Most guest houses are heavily inspired by creole furnishings that makes the place feel closer to the island. The guest house might also have an eating schedule that you may or may not want to stick to.

If you want to kick your feet up and let go then a hotel is where you need to be. With luxury of spa service and the constant availability of food, you will always be taken care of. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up and you can have perks that guest houses and self-caterings may not have.

Villas are also a hit when it comes to seclusiveness and tranquility. Some villas may only hold a couple but others can be ideal when you have a family group or wedding party by keeping everyone close. These villas are almost a combination of the comfort of hotels and the closeness of guest houses and might have a self-catering option.

Depending on the establishment, you can also find a car hire to rent from.

Wherever you choose to stay, the lovely people of Praslin will definitely make sure you have a pleasant stay.

A full list of different accommodations can be found here on the Seychelles Promo website.

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