Liquid Mineral

From the midst of the granitic rocks of Seychelles, buried deep beneath the roots of the trees and the fertile soil of these islands, the purest form of life emerges; Water. I dearly apologize if that was a bit too dramatic for your liking, but the fun topic today is water. Yes you heard me right! Water. So why are we talking about water?

Sometimes you travel to another country and you want to have a bottle of water once in a while because, not to state the obvious but it’s good for your health. So, you want to have that bottle of water but you can’t because either the water is salty or it’s not hygienic enough for your liking. Well guess what? You already know the answer but I’ll tell you.

Seychelles is not that kind of island. It may be an island however since it is a granitic island Seychelles has one of the purest form of mineral water you can look for. The water is harvested from the hydrological cycle where the water evaporates from the ocean and into the clouds and later on is purified to fall on the granitic paradise of Seychelles. The clouds are not polluted therefore the water is as pure as it can be.

It is absolutely possible to by bottles of water at the shop in Seychelles for less than 20 rupees and the bottles of water are guaranteed to be mineral water. Moreover the tap water in Seychelles is treated when it comes to you tap, which means you can wash your hands or anything in the water, it will not be harmful to your health unless you already had water related issues.

If clean water is something you were worried about when coming to Seychelles, worry not! Because mineral water is at your disposal.

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